Friday, January 17, 2014

Taking my own advise

I have taken my own advise from some the motivational thoughts that I published and have rededicated myself to this way of eating.  I am down 4 lbs. since Monday. It could be more but I really didn't try on Tuesday or Wednesday. Yesterday and today, I have not had one soft drink or anything with sugar.  I have been mainly eating eggs and salads.  My stomach is finally getting a little better, I was having doubling over stomach pain which made me think something was really wrong more than just my acid reflux.  

Keeping Up the Fight!

We all know that there are things in our lives, no matter how much we try to ignore and move on, that we cannot overcome.  This is especially true when it comes to our issues with weight loss and our battle with food.  One thing is for sure, we must face our problems head on if we want to overcome them and succeed. 
In fact, half of the battle of overcoming our battles is to recognize our problems and face them with the willpower to overcome them.  It is known that once you face these problems it is easy for you to release your fears and be successful.
Face your problems with food, take the time to plan how you are going to defeat your issues with it, and charge forward to winners’ edge. This is truly the only way you will win the battle.

Yesterday, I finally recommitted myself to changing my ways and start to follow a plan of eating that would make me feel better.  I really want to follow the Mediterranean guidelines that I posted in the beginning, but I thought about it and decided it would be better to just try to eat things that are low carb until I have a handle on my eating.  Once I know that I will stay on plan, I will gear my eating more towards the guidelines especially the fish requirements.  I like to eat fish but I get very bored eating it especially as much as suggested.   But then again,  it is only a recommendation not a requirement.  I will try to do my best to follow it.     

Sunday, January 12, 2014

It is time for ME!!

When you are on the go due to family, friends or work, it sometimes feels impossible to find time for yourself. Often times, we put the needs of others, especially if you are a mother, above what your own needs are.  It itime, however, to carve some time into your daily schedule for yourself if you want to be successful in your weight loss journey.  If you are not being as successful as you hoped for, the first thing you need to do is to re-evaluate is how much time as you focused on yourself and your weight loss goals.  Remember, if you really want to lose weight and live a healthier life style, you must put in the time necessary to achieve that goal.  It just doesn’t happen.

I have reached my OMG moment!!

Okay.  Here it is twelve days into the new year and I have been trying to get into the right mindset to be able to make through at least one day without giving up and eating all that high carbohydrate trash.  

I got on the scale again this morning hoping to start once more eating healthy as I know I need to.  Last night, I attended an activity that required me to stand for thirty minutes.  In that time, I had lost feeling in my legs due to the pain in my back and suffering pain from the stomach hernia due to the pressure from standing and is a system from my back pain. In the process of weighing in this morning, the scale read 261.8.  OMG!!!

I have never weighed this much in my whole life.  I have reached menopause and am seeing quite a bit of changes that I don't like to my body.  Number 1 factor is the 35 lbs. that I have put on.  I am addicted to sugar and it has really caused the weight to come on.  Number 2 factor is the way my skin looks.  I feel that I have aged quite a bit in the last two years.  

So her I go again beginning once more to finally change my lifestyle so that I can live a more fulfilled life and can have the surgery that I need to fix my hernia.  I need to lose 60 lbs. now before I can have it fixed.  My goal was to have the surgery during the summer when work will be slow (work for a school) but it all depends on how much weight that I lose.  I am having so many issues with the hernia now and losing weight will help with the discomfort that it causes.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thought to focus on today:

Each new day is a step toward reaching your goal

Personal goals and dreams are not achieved overnight. Weight loss is no exception. It takes time. It is important that you are focused each day in achieving when it comes to your weight loss goal. Every effort you make will lead to making a difference. Be patient with yourself and never give up. Sooner than you think, you will be on the winning side.

Accountability time

I haven't posted the last few days.  I have not been able to get a handle on eating as I wish.  We found out that even though we have been working very hard for my husband to be classified as disabled he is not eligible for any monetary benefits because the last ten years of his career he was not paying into Social Security but the teacher retirement program.  He is only eligible to receive Medicare to pay for his medical bills (he has Parkinson's disease at 56).  So we struggle on trying to survive only on my salary.  I can't say that it has not been easy because it has been very hard.  He has been so depressed because of this. We have been eating out of comfort. I am once again reaffirming myself to start anew tomorrow morning.  

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Accountability Time

Yesterday, I was having issues with nausea all day. It made it easier to stay focused because of this. I am feeling better today and ate breakfast. I didn't drink a soft drink yesterday and only drank tea. Now I need to work on using less sweetner. I might add some lemon juice. This is the busy time for my work and losing weight will help me with the physical part of my job.

Monday, December 30, 2013

B: none
L: Garden salad with 2 ½ oz ham and ranch dressing
D: 4 oz. Tilapia with a dinner salad
S: none

Calories: 902 (a little low: needs to be at least 1300-1500 calories)
Fat: 72.22 g (72%)
Carbohydrates: 9.93 g ( 4%)
Protein: 49.30 g (24%)

I did not take any supplements. I will try to start slowly and eventually add all of them in. They sometimes cause my stomach to hurt.